Tips to Buying Glasses Online

Tips to Buying Glasses Online


Many people turn to the internet when looking to fulfill their spectacles prescription. With high street prices on specs so expensive, turning to online companies is an obvious solution, often enabling you to buy two pairs for the price of one.

There are some things that you need to think about when buying glasses online, over and above the obvious design and frame type.

frame design


Firstly, frame design is important and there are so many to choose from. There are plastic, metal and rimless frames to choose from. There are many that are current and hip right now, but may not suit you.

Black plastic frames are a top choice, but are not ideal for those with light complexions, so this is something you will want to pay careful attention to.

Ensure you choose a company that has a wide selection of frames you can choose from. This way you can go through the wide selection, pick your few favourites and then narrow down your selection based on your facial shape and complexion.


ensuring they fit


The next consideration when you buy glasses online is ensuring they fit. Most internet opticians will give you directions on how to measure, ensuring the frames will fit snugly on your face.

You don’t want them too tight or too lose, they should sit firmly behind your ears and gentle sit on the bridge of your nose. The wrong fitting frames can lead to unwelcome headaches.


Some companies that let you buy glasses online will give you the ability to use a photograph of yourself which you can upload to their site. Then you can try on various spectacles on the site, seeing which ones suit you and which ones don’t. Some companies will even enable you to share the pictures, getting honest feedback from family and friends before you make your final decision.



Price is going to be a big deciding factor, which is probably why you are looking to buy glasses online in the first place. In most cases you will find spectacles at radically reduced prices, but the good news is that this doesn’t mean you are purchasing a cheaper quality product.


Because internet opticians don’t have the same high overheads that high street stores have, they are able to offer cheaper prices, passing on that heavy high street rent saving to their customers. Shop around, see what you can find, in many cases you will be able to purchase more than one pair for around the same price you would pay for one pair on the high street.


You will need to have a current prescription when you buy glasses online. These internet companies do not test your eyes, but they will supply you with the right pair of spectacles based on a current prescription. Current means less than one year.


When you buy glasses online its imperative you purchase from a reputable optician. They should use a qualified optician with state of the art equipment to make your spectacles based on your specific prescription.


Read through their customer reviews, not only on their website, but through outside review sites and online forums. This is the best way to ensure that the company you are thinking of purchasing from provides reliable service and superior customer support.


Once your spectacles arrive on your doorstep, try them on. If they don’t fit properly or the prescription appears incorrect, contact the company immediately to make the necessary adjustments. This should be offered automatically on all spectacles sold and will also provide you with added peace of mind when making your purchase.