To save your eyes use computer reading glasses magnification

To save your eyes use computer reading glasses magnification



Computers are excellent gadgets on our day to day lives. They enable us complete our assignments, learn various things online, play computer games and watch movies.

More importantly, computers allow us to complete tasks at offices such as typing letters and sending emails, as well as receiving business orders online But have you ever asked yourself about the risks of using a computer to your eyes?

Exposure to computers strain our eyes, give us a blurred vision. The visual demands of a computer are high, making it necessary for any computer user to acquire computer reading glasses.

Without computer reading glasses, your eyes will not be able to remain focused on your screen, and you will experience blurred vision.

It will also be difficult for your eyes to shift from the keyboard to the screen frequently without the help of computer reading glasses.

It is important that anybody above 40 years of age acquires computer reading glasses because sight problems increase with the increase in age.

However, it is important that any computer user goes for an eye examination before having to acquire computer reading glasses.


Difficulties in reading your computer

This is because inaccuracies to lens prescriptions contribute to computer vision problems. If you found out that your computer reading glasses are okay. But you still have difficulties in reading your computer, you should consider customized computer reading glasses. Which are designed in a unique way for you.

Whenever you go looking for computer reading glasses, be keen not to call them reading glasses. You better called them computer reading glasses.

Computer reading glasses are very different from eyeglasses and other reading glasses, as they optimize vision when you are viewing your computer screen.

In the absence of computer reading glasses, users experience headaches, eye strains, and blurred vision, which compose computer vision syndrome.

Worse to note is that many people without computer reading glasses lean forward.This causes sore back, sore neck and sore shoulders.

Computer reading glasses assist the computer user by putting the optimum lens power so as to enable the user view computer screens clearly, widely and without strain.

Research shows that the use of computer reading glasses increases productivity in workplaces. Computer reading glasses should not be used for driving or general purposes.They should only be used to view computers


Design of lenses for computer reading glasses


The best lens for computer reading glasses should contain:

a single vision lens with a lens power is modified to ensure comfortable vision for the user.

The lens control provides a broad viewing field and helps keep objects that are far in focus.

An occupational progressive lens is another good lens that is used to design computer reading glasses.

It allows comfortable vision on computers. The lenses are however harmful if used for driving or other tasks apart from computer reading.

Consider talking to your ophthalmologist or optometrist to learn the best lenses for you before you buy computer reading glasses.

Lens tints and coatings


The lenses of your computer reading glasses should have an anti-reflective coating. Which eliminates light reflections from back and front of your lenses, preventing eye strain.

Buying computer glasses


Never allow yourself to buy glasses that are sold over the counter as computer glasses.

It is important to purchase computer reading glasses from an eye care professional because an accurate prescription will give you the maximum benefits.

Before your eye exams, ensure that you measure the distance that you usually keep far from your computer and take them with you to the doctor. So that he can be able to know the optimum lens power for your computer reading glasses.


The majority of the people have a false idea that it is individuals with visual problems only who wear glasses. However, prevention is better than cure. It is important that any computer user acquires computer reading glasses to protect the eyes for a healthier life.

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