What you should know about the computer glasses

What you should know about the computer glasses


The most important thing in your face is your eyes, that makes you spend much time against the computer screen watching movies or reading books or working a lot of time to reach your knowledge or make money, and of course there are many symptoms like eyestrain, red eyes and blurred you can note .


Your eyes, it’s your guide and light, which’s prevent you from doing your work or many duties if it had any damage.

Besides, the reading is taking a huge place in our life not only.

But the computer works also, which be the main reason of harming your eyes with eyestrain and blurry which make you not able to read or work, and that’s not related with the age in all cases.

But it’s related with the reading or the working hours against the computer.


The computer glasses which designed for the computer works is the right and effective solution to protect your eyes and clearing your sight.

Although it’s allowing you to focus for a long time on a computer screen as it’s your other eyes keeping in your pocket.


The first thing about the computer glasses that it’s different from the regular glasses, because it’s reducing the eye strain from computer screen.

Besides, the computer glasses must fulfil what each one need, because everyone have a different measure to meet his or her requirements.

Therefore, it’s visual zone is precisely tailored to your eyes movements when you are sitting against the computer for working or reading to be more comfortable.


The computer glasses should have the anti-reflections of light to protect your eyes from the harmful rays, light and glare that comes from computer screens.



Computer glasses benefits


In all cases the computer works spread all of the world with its side effects as it’s harming your eyes, and of course no one can complete his work if he’s suffering from blurred vision or eyestrain, that’s the main role of computer glasses as it reducing the glare from the computer screen.


In other hand, it makes you free to sitting as you want against the computer screen for the near distance or far, and for a long time if you have a lot of works comfortably.

It’s almost reducing the headaches that comes from the screen light or the glare, and protect your eyes.

Types of computer glasses lenses

That depends on the distance between the user and the computer:

– Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses which offering a high zone for the near vision

– Occupational progressive lenses which correct all the distance vision, near and intermediate.

– Single vision computer glasses or (Monofocal) as it’s reduce the harming of eyestrain and blurred vision for all ages.

The computer glasses required for all persons in all ages if they focusing on the computer screen too close for a long time.

As it’s protect their eyes comfortably to end their works without bad feeling with headache, blurred and eyestrain.






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