All you need to know about Computer reading glasses lens design

All you need to know about Computer reading glasses lens design


If you’ve decided to get yourself some eye wear for your computer work. There are some things you need to look at Computer reading glasses lens design. For a better and safer life, make computer reading glasses, your safety-ensuring equipment.

With the advancements in technology over the years. Most of us find ourselves staring at one digital screen or another for extended periods of time.

But did you know that this could habit could cause your medical problems? Computer screens, mobile phones and even televisions have been found to emit a blue light which leads to conditions such as eyestrain, red eyes, headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder fatigue as well as symptoms related to computer vision syndrome. Using computer reading glasses which employ technologies to block this form of light has been said to alleviate these kinds of problems.


Do you need computer reading glasses?

Although normal reading glasses and eyeglasses are designed to aid near or far vision, they are often not adequate enough for efficient computer viewing.

While using these types of glasses, most people may people find themselves leaning in for a better view, which causes even more problems such as a strained neck, back or shoulder.

Meanwhile, computer reading glasses are equipped with specialized lenses which greatly enhance your computer viewing, giving you a clearer wide view, even 26 inches away from your computer. As a result, you experience less visual and neck strain, and more comfort and efficiency.

Factors to consider before buying computer glasses lens design

If you’ve decided to get yourself some eye wear for your computer work, then there are some things you need to look at:


1. Computer reading glasses lens design

Some of the main lens designs include:

> Single vision lenses – these are easy to use, provide the widest field of view, and have a single focal distance. They are suitable for computer use, for young as well as older individuals.

> High fitting bifocals – these are great for reading along with computer viewing. However, they are not recommended for those who are older.

> Specially Designed Bifocals – the lens’ top is built for computer use while the bottom is great for reading. These computer glasses offer exceptional optics along with a large field of view.

> Computer Progressive Lenses – this is one of the most ideal lens designs for computer reading. Its top lens allows for clear viewing of as far as 15ft away. It is widely embraced in the cosmetic world and efficient for computer use.

Besides the above, there are also other designs such as, occupational bifocals, progressive lenses along with traditional bifocals, which cater to different computer visual needs.

2. Lens tinting and coating

The light reflected from the computer screen can cause a big glare issue that can hinder proper vision. This is because the reflection enhances light and dark differences of the screen, making it harder for the pupils to keep up in terms of dilation. For better viewing experience, chose computer reading glasses that employ anti-reflective coating.

Alternatively, find computer glasses that are tinted, which filter out the blue light, and for a glare-free computer screen.

3. Go for an eye exam

Before running to the store to purchase the wrong computer reading glasses lens design for you, take a trip to an optician. Visiting your eye doctor will help determine if your eye problem can be resolved with medication or you just need computer glasses. In addition, they can help prescribe the right eye glasses for you.

Facts on Reading Glasses.

A long time ago, people were very fond of painted reading glasses, since they looked quite artistic in their way. However, the fact was that those were just cheap frames made of plastics. Which were laden with a few designs, but they were nevertheless very cool.
Since everyone in the crowd was very fond of those glasses, you could easily mingle with the crowd as one having a similar taste. But today, decades later, things have undergone a drastic change.

Today, it’s an individual’s style statement, who does not want to follow the set trend. Rather, today’s crowd intends to set a trend instead of following one. A good way to present yourself in a compelling manner is by sporting designer reading glasses since eyewear can change the way you look.

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