The Need For Computer Reading Glasses

The Need For Computer Reading Glasses


In this information-based society, owning a suitable pair of computer reading glasses is a necessity for our eye health.

Whether you are a student, a white collar employee or even a retired person who has a lot of free time, a computer is a necessity in our daily life.

Every day most of us spend a significant amount time on computers.

However, when you have faced the computer screen for several hours, your eyes may feel tired, and you may feel hard to focus, this phenomenon may be the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, which is abbreviated as CVS.

When symptoms like eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision appear, you are advised to purchase good pair of computer reading glasses to protect your eyes’ health. As we all know, a computer may give out radiations that are harmful to our eyes, causing various eye injuries.


Quality computer reading glasses


Computer reading glasses, are a kind of prescription glasses designed specifically for people who have symptoms of CVS to work comfortably and productively at a computer.

Computer screens are positioned between 20 to around 26 inches from the user’s eyes, and this is considered as an intermediate zone for a proper vision, which is closer than driving vision, but rather than reading vision.

But neither regular eyeglasses which is used to correct distance vision nor reading glasses which is used to correct near vision can correct this intermediate vision.

Fortunately, computer glasses are designed specially for this intermediate vision. A good pair of quality computer reading glasses can reduce the glare reflected off the computer screen which is the main source of eyestrain.

Besides this, computer glasses are different from regular eyeglasses as they optimize your eyesight when working on the computer. Computer reading glasses are specially designed reading glasses for viewing the computer screen.


Types of computer reading glasses


There are different types of computer reading glasses, The simplest computer glasses are made of single vision lenses. The lenses are designed for the intermediate range of viewing the computer screen.

Normal reading glasses are designed for near range, whose viewing distance is longer than what computer screen needs.

As a result, normal reading glasses are not good for computer use. What’s worse, some even lean forward with normal reading glasses to compensate the distance, causing backaches and neck pains. Overtime, this can be very serious.

For a good protection and healthy life, computer glasses are indispensable.


Bifocal computer glasses

Some computer glasses are specially made for different purposes, such as bifocal computer glasses. These computer glasses have different segments in the lenses.

The upper side is designed for viewing computer screen while the lower side serves to read reading materials at a closer range.

If your work requires reading materials as you continue working at your computer, bifocal computer glasses will be suitable for you.

Computer reading glasses will not cost you a fortune, but they can protect your eyes from computer radiations and make you have a better sight. Computer glasses can also reduce glare that makes our eyes more difficult to see clearly.

For a better and safer life, make computer reading glasses, your safety-ensuring equipment.