The Different Types Of Frame Reading Glasses Unveiled: Choose One That Suits You

The Different Types Of Frame Reading Glasses Unveiled: Choose One That Suits You

Picking out the right frame size should be a simple, fun and straightforward venture. Nevertheless, the actual process can be overwhelming for those who do not know the real size of their frame reading glasses or the shape of their face. Selections are vast and varied, making the entire experience somewhat devastating.

This article snippet focuses on some of the most popular frame sizes available. It is important to understand them, because it will be useful when you get to the point of purchase:

Small Frame Reading Glasses

These frames measure between 124mm to 129mm in width from one hinge to the next. Frames of this kind will soften the jaw line and lengthen the nose while putting more emphasis on the eyes. Small frame reading sunglasses can be suitable for individuals with a square face and broad forehead. It aims to soften the angles of their square chin to make the face appear longer.

Large Frame Reading Glasses

Large frame glasses can be suitable for anyone with a rectangular-shaped, elongated face with a square chin. Such a person will also showcase a strong jaw line along with an elongated nose. Large frame glasses will help make the face appear more balanced to achieve great looks.

Average Size Reading Glasses

Average size frames measure around 130 to 136 mm wide from one hinge to another on the inner section of the temple. They enhance the facial features of anyone showcasing a long, thin face. Thin frames aren’t remarkable because they will further elongate the face.

Half Frame Reading Glasses

It suits persons with trapezoidal faces. That is, their face is slightly wider towards the bottom. This kind of structure helps bring attention up while at the same time balancing out the jawline.

Flexible Frame Reading Glasses

The flexible frame may be useful for people who seem to be a little harsh on their frames. Most flexible frame sunglasses highlight extremely durable TR-90 plastic, and provide the convenience of flexibility. You can fold them up and bend back with the utmost ease. They come in a vast array of fun and fashionable colors.

Very Narrow Reading Sunglasses

These frames can measure 123mm or even less in width, starting from one hinge to the next on the inner segment of the temple. They are suitable for individuals who have a circular face, rounded chin, and full cheeks.
This frame design makes the round face shape appear narrower and longer. It lengthens and gives more definition to the shape of the face, consequently widening the eyes.

Wide Reading Glasses

Reading glasses with wide frames measure around 137 to 140mm in width. These frames are ideal for anyone having an oval face alongside a rounded chin and forehead. The supposed shape demonstrates a balanced proportion, and frames that are a little wider than the broadest region of the head can maintain this natural balance.

Very Wide Reading Glasses

Very wide frame glasses can be 141mm or more in width and are suitable for a typical triangular face. These frames prove handy in reducing the width of the face’s top, hence bringing back the overall appearance into balance. Frames that are broader at the base will achieve this by putting emphasis on the lower half of the face.


Your personal style can be fundamental as it reflects YOU as an individual. While most of us tend to overlook glasses as just an accessory, it’d be prudent to note that your specs style say much about you. It shows exactly whether you’re modern, classic, creative, or scholarly. So pick your frame reading glasses wisely.

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