LOVE YOUR EYES Give your eyes a gift and enjoy shopping your prescribed glasses!


Give your eyes a gift and enjoy shopping your prescribed glasses!. I had been having a lot of headaches, blurry vision and feeling nauseous most of the time. And I have this feeling bad feeling that something might be wrong with my eyes.

I may be guilty of being abusive to my eyes, working overtime in front of the computer for hours, missing a few hours of sleep and poor nutrition has taken its toll on me.  guess many can relate to what I am talking about.

After a recent trip to an ophthalmologist, I was then prescribed to wear glasses that would suit my needs. And thoughts about looking nerdy with the thick glasses then came to mind and it just doesn’t suit me at all. I mean, it’s just so not me. I’m embarrassed to start wearing one.

I then frantically began looking up about prescription glasses and to my relief, it doesn’t seem too bad at all.

Choosing the right eyeglasses

Eyeglasses is something we get to wear everyday so choosing the best one that suits you is a must. It’s as important as choosing the right clothes to wear for an occasion, the mood you want to create; it also creates the impression you want others to see you. It describes who you are and reveals a lot of your personality and should therefore be given much detail, too.

Traditional oval, rectangular or almond shaped frames conveys a trust worthy look and is best to wear for work. Dark colored frames or conservative colored ones can easily be matched with business suits to create a sense of professionalism. You can never go wrong with titanium and silver steel made ones, as well as rimless glasses. These would surely make a good impression among your colleagues and your bosses.

Large and brightly colored frames

Large and brightly colored frames also work best to show off your fun, creative and cheerful side and is best worn on any day out. With a modern touch, many frames are now available in different designs, shapes and texture to match the ever imaginative mind of the new generation.

For moms and dads, functionality is important. Wearing something comfortable while doing daily chores would be preferable to them. Style and fashion should also not be compromised so we also have a lot of designs to choose from that can also be our fashion statement.

We oftentimes relate wearing prescribed glasses to the nerdy looking students we see in movies and I am most guilty on that. With my continued research, I find that there are actually a lot of designs to choose from, giving us the freedom to dress up, and make an identity of ourselves and be an open statement. All we need is to know what we need, where we need it and be confident enough to wear who you are.


Where to buy

Since we now know what glasses we need, our next task at hand would be finding the best place to buy and of course, getting the best value and huge savings. With optical shops popping everywhere and finding the best ones can be a little tricky. Hopping from one shop to another, comparing prices and the best deals, that could be time consuming and very tiresome, too.

I did visit a few shops to check and make comparison. Though most of them offer almost the same style and designs available, it’s a bit pricey too. Their available displays may have been stocked for ages, and some are already outdated, to the least I should say. They oftentimes update their glasses quarterly, missing out the latest trend that is available in the market.

The fix? Online shopping! Yes, you heard it right. I had just found that there are actually optical shops that is more convenient and even offer discounts and great deals that may just be perfect for you. Since you had saved time from driving to the local store, you now have the luxury of time to browse and check the latest designs before deciding which ones you love. Many online stores offer special discounts on a wide variety of trendy glasses that are oftentimes not offered on the local store.


Glasses for special needs

You cannot wear high heeled shoes on a sporty event, it also seems inappropriate to wear business looking glasses on your work outs and physical activities, right? Not only would you look awkward, it may even do more harm than beneficial.

Wraparound glasses of neon colors and stripes would best match your athletic wear. You just need to be sure that it fits you comfortably during your work outs. It is also best to use polarized lenses to reduce glare when outdoors. It’s also important to choose a lens that can resist impact to ensure safety on your activity.

Wearing eyeglasses should not stop you from your physical activities. This has been one of my fears when the doctor prescribed glasses for my eye condition. I thought I’d be restricted from doing the things I love. A lot of my misconceptions has been corrected and what’s more, I learned many new things and I can now confidently start wearing eyeglasses.


We are mostly identified by how we dress up. Even our choice of eye wear also identifies who we are. I never really thought I’d get to love wearing one and yet still remain fashionable at the same time. It even made me look and feel better about myself. I’m not only preserving my eyes, I am also preserving who I want to and what I want others to perceive me to be.

Like looking for trendy clothes, you need to invest on time, effort and energy to do so. It may oftentimes mean sparing a few hours trying to find what you may be looking for. And sometimes, you need to window shop first or wait for a sale just to get a bargain price . Wait on the long queue to pay for your purchase.


Shopping for prescription glasses online has never been as convenient as it has been. The website’s security is also very tight that I feel safe with my every purchase. I’m so glad to have found my new pair for half the price! I can now use the savings to buy an extra pair. I can never have enough of them. I’m sure you’ll love shopping even better right at the comfort of your home or even during your break time at work as much as I do. With the holiday rush, I bet you’d enjoy the season even better when shopping online. Give your eyes a gift and enjoy shopping your prescribed glasses!


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