Benefits of safety glasses over prescription glasses


Benefits of safety glasses over prescription glasses

It is important for people to understand about their eye protection glasses. One should consider the kind of job one is undertaking. Particular types of safety glasses should be worn only under certain industrial or environmental settings or even sporting activities so as to protect one’s vision from various risks that are involved in the respective field. Most people are not aware that such distinctions do exist, therefore; they go wearing any safety glasses they find.

Whenever you are choosing the appropriate safety glasses that suits your work, you should make sure that they provide you with a safe fit which doesn’t cause impediment or disorder to your vision. The safety glasses also require regular maintenance. They should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly so as to give the wearer a clear vision.

Benefits of safety glasses

Wearing safety glasses over prescription glasses have several advantages. Prescription safety glasses are costly compared to the safety glasses. The safety glasses are durable, don’t wear quickly and protects the glasses base. You can also wear the over glasses either outdoors or indoors.

If there is a possibility that flying fragments or objects may cause damages to your eyes, then it is important to make sure that each worker who works in such environment wears safety glasses. The safety glasses should have side shields to give the utmost protection. In case the workers work in an environment where there are dashing hot sparks, it is advisable that the workers wear safety glasses. The same case should apply to people who get exposure to unsafe splashes and dust or even fumes.

Safety glasses differ. There are those with prescription lenses while other do not have. Nowadays, safety glasses are designed in a more advanced manner compared to some years back where they had side shields. The best way you can protect your eyes is by wearing goggles because they are stronger and also totally seal your eyes from the outside. There are also glasses that come with a direct venting. When wearing glasses ensure you also wear a face shield because they don’t protect your eyes fully from liquid and dust risks.

Why wear the safety glasses over prescription glasses

Safety glasses come with three different lenses. The first type of lens is the glass lens. The benefit of the glass safety lens is that it doesn’t get scratched easily. Another type of lens is the plastic lenses which are much lighter than the glass lens as well as do not fog up easily. The other type of lens is the polycarbonate. They are light in weight, strong to offer a better impact resistance and also do not fog up easily. Safety glasses have been designed to provide protection for the eyes, for this reason, they are mainly exposed to harsh environmental conditions hence should be replaced in case they have dents, scratches, cracks or change of material hardness.

It is important to choose safety glasses and lenses that adhere to certain conditions. These glasses are important just like the prescription glasses which are for those who have impairment of their vision. However, safety glasses differ from prescription glasses because of their impact resistance.

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