Safety glasses over prescription glasses

Safety glasses over prescription glasses


Many workers take the importance of eye health too lightly, especially when working five to nine hours, 5 days a week.

Who’s time to go visit an optician?

Eye health is very important, and ought to be on everyone’s radar. If working in an environment that calls on you to put on safety glasses.

A recent research study carried out by Prevent Blindness America revealed more so 700000 Americans endure eye injuries on the job every year.

Additionally, another 125000 injure their eyes at while at home, not mentioning the endless hundreds of eye injuries that are not reported.

Luckily, a majority of eye injuries can be prevented with a pair of high quality safety glasses with lenses resistant to impact.

Why choose safety glasses over prescription glasses?


Prescription glasses are not safety glasses and safety glasses are not a substitute for prescription glasses. Among the major differences in these two products is material used.

The material used to make jet windshields is the same that is used in to make some safety glasses hence making their chances of shattering on impact slim to none.

This is because the material is able to withstand projectiles of high impact that prescription glasses wouldn’t otherwise withstand. On the other hand, prescription glasses are made of acetate plastic that isn’t heavy-duty enough to keep your eyes from harm in work environments.

The other major dissimilarity is that prescription glasses don’t give a 360-degree cover as the case is with safety glasses. Prescription glasses are meant for treat an eye problem, not protection.

If safety glasses are worn over regular glasses they may not allow safety glasses to remain. Where they are in intended to or, in other cases, to appropriately seal on one’s face.

If you are in need of prescription glasses and you are used to wearing safety glasses regularly. uying prescription safety glasses would be the safest option.


prescription safety glasses


For prescription safety glasses to be truly considered protective eye wear.

They must of all meet certain requirements set up by:

ANSI enforces manufacturing standards while OSHA establishes occupational safety and health standards.

You can conveniently get amazing offers on a variety of safety and prescription glasses by ordering online from leading stores. That are open 24/7 to treat and protect your eyes.

However, there are quite a number of important reasons as to why it would be important to choose safety glasses over prescription glasses.

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