safety glasses side shields. What are the risky situations?

safety glasses side shields


Eyesight is priceless. It is important that you take good care of your eyes at all times. Unfortunately however, many people usually expose their eyes to constant danger of injury day in day out. A majority of people do not protect their eyes from probable injury whether at home or at work. Countless cases of eye injury are reported every year, and the worst part of it is that most of them could be prevented had the victims worn safety glasses side shields. This does not have to be the case for you. Protect your eyes whenever there is risk of injury and they will serve you for a long time.

safety glasses side shields
What are the risky situations?

While it is true that there is no telling when an eye injury can occur, there are some instances where the risk of the injury occurring is higher than others.

Places where small splinters of materials such as wood and metal are constantly flying around are extremely dangerous for your eyes, and you must wear eye protection such as safety glasses side shields.

Additionally, if you work in a hospital or other healthcare unit, you need to be wary of pathogens that can be transmitted through the eyes.

Also, if your job entails exposure to chemicals, beware that they can accidentally splash into your eye, and that might just cost you your vision.

These are just a few of the many instances where your eyes can get seriously injured at work, and when you need to wear protection glasses.

Why wear safety glasses?

The age old saying, prevention is better than cure, is very applicable when it comes to protecting your eyes and face in general. It is no use to expose your eyes to danger then go seeking treatment for something that you could have prevented. The restoration of sight is not easy- you might even lose it forever.

Buy high quality safety glasses

When you are shopping for safety glasses, it is important that you purchase high quality goggles or other eye protection care. Your eyes deserve the best care. You also need to ensure that the safety glasses in question are of a quality that is approved by national standardization bodies.

Buying anything of lower quality is really not of any use, since your eyes will be exposed to injury all the same. You should also consider buying safety glasses that have side shields. Not only will your eyes be protected better, buy your face will also be protected. Invest in a good pair of such glasses and they will serve you for long.


Protecting your eyes should be a top priority as you go about your work. The best way to protect them is to wear safety glasses side shields whenever you are exposed to any eye hazards. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.

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