Sports Prescription Glasses, a Must have for all Sports Persons

Sports Prescription Glasses, a Must have for all Sports Persons

Estimates show that in the US alone, over 50 million people take part in different sporting activities. The significance of sports prescription glasses cannot be overemphasized. To understand this significance, you need to know what is meant by sports prescription glasses.

Whereas you could buy ordinary sports glasses without consulting an optician, this is not so with prescription glasses. They are specially designed to meet your individual eye requirements and protect your eyes from physical injury as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation.

If you have any eye defect that would have an adverse impact on your sporting capabilities, sports prescription glasses will solve your problem allowing you to take part in your favorite sport without a hindrance.

Types of sports prescription glasses

There are as many types of sports prescription glasses as are the number of sporting activities. Each type of sport presents unique circumstances requiring a unique type of glasses.

A common denominator in all active sports is that they present a risk of an accident that could substantially harm your eyes.

For the sake of your safety, which must be paramount when making any decision, you need to choose a protective gear that assures you of your health safety.

Unfortunately, there is a high tendency for people to go for conventional sports glasses whose lens material is far from being safe. Their lenses are made from diglycol carbonate or thin refractive index resins. Both materials do not offer sufficient protection to the eye because they cannot resist impact.

Luckily, the sports prescription glasses present the best option for you. They are designed to resist even high impact. For this reason, they are mostly made of trivex or polycarbonate. In addition to their strength, these glasses have all the optical qualities that you need.


Although both trivex and polycarbonate are equally good, polycarbonate is the best for a high prescription because of its ability to produce thinner lenses for different prescription power. Even regarding looks, polycarbonate glasses are more appealing than even the conventional CR39 plastic glasses.

Sporting activities

Different sporting activities have different vision and safety requirements. For instance, golf requires high precision which means that the kind of glasses you get should serve this purpose. On the other hand, sports involving the projection of a hard ball towards an opponent such as cricket calls for particular eye and face protection.

In mountaineering, scientists have established that the intensity of UV radiation increases by 10% for every 1000 meters of ascent. Exposure to excessive UV radiation leads to early aging of the eyes and other disorders like the cataract.

For you to get the right sport prescription glasses.. need to go to an eye expert and explain your sporting activities. The doctor should carry out an eye examination on you before deciding on what prescription best suits you. On your part, ask for shatterproof lenses and frames.

As demonstrated above, sporting activities carry some risk of harm to your eyes. To avoid this risk, it is advisable to use sports prescription glasses because they are stronger than ordinary glasses.

Moreover, they are medically designed to meet all your vision needs while at the same time protecting your eyes from physical injury.


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